A Flowmeter with a Scale and Rotating Lens

A Flowmeter with a Scale & Rotating LensBrooks Instrument introduces its 1250/1255 Sho-Rate™ low-flow glass tube flowmeters with an easy-to-read scale and a rotating lens that allows a 180° magnified view, making it the ideal choice for displaying on panels and cabinets. The 1250/1255 flowmeters both feature integral needle valves on inlets or outlets, direct read scales for common units and fluids, and an easy-change design for quick interchangeability of tub assemblies. The rotameters can be configured with a standard or precision control valve on the inlet or outlet. More specifically:

  • The 1250 provides a 10 percent accuracy for liquids and gases, and is available in 65-mm scale lengths. The 1250’s valves can be specified in either brass or stainless steel, and its fittings in aluminum or stainless steel, while its O-rings and seals can be constructed from Buna-N, Viton® fluoroelastomer or other optional elastomers.
  • The1255 offers a 5 percent accuracy, yet comes in 150-mm scale lengths.