Glass-Filled Polypropylene Basket Strainers

Hayward SBHayward Flow Control recently released its SB Series glass-filled polypropylene (GF-PP) basket strainer to increase the range of piping applications that can be serviced with the SB Series. The GF-PP SB Series further features:

  • A maximum pressure rating of 150 PSI and service temperature of 240°F.
  • Sizes ranging from 1/2 through 4 inches, with true union threaded or flanged end connections.
  • Black GF-PP construction to resist UV rays, plus FPM or EPDM O-rings and seals.
  • External cover threads and integral flat-mounting bases.
  • In-line or loop connections.
  • An ergonomic hand-removable cover.
  • Suitability for waste and water treatment, chemical, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, irrigation and agriculture, or corrosive applications.
  • Options that include duplex configurations for higher flow rates; stainless steel, Monel®, titanium and Hastelloy® strainer baskets; stainless steel baskets with mesh liners; and differential pressure gauges.
  • An exclusive 2-year warranty.