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Work Light for Hazardous Locations

These two-foot-long LED work lights are designed to exceed the performance and safety of traditional hazardous location fluorescent work lamps.


EPL-FL1524-LED-100-HR work by Larson Electronics has released a two-foot-long LED work light designed to exceed the performance and safety of traditional hazardous location fluorescent work lamps. According to the company, the work light’s features include:

  • Although almost identical in appearance to drop lights equipped with fluorescent tubes, the EPL-FL1524-LED-100-HR work light has a high lumen-per-watt light output while operating at cooler temperatures than incandescent or fluorescent drop lights.
  • Approved for Class 1 Division 1 and Class 2 Division 2 locations, the LED work light with cord reel is an excellent solution to cumbersome fluorescent work lights that are easily damaged during rough use.
  • With a 15-watt LED tube lamp housed within a rugged aluminum housing, the work light provides high light output with good color rendering and excellent durability.
  • An included cord reel constructed of fabricated steel and non-sparking aluminum contains 100 feet of SOOW cord and makes managing the unit simple and trouble-free.
  • Using only 15 watts of power, the light output of this lamp is comparable to 100-watt incandescent lamps, yet features a much whiter and brighter color.
  • The high light quality is perfect for operators performing close work and critical inspection duties, as there will be none of the yellowing or poor contrast of illuminated objects common with incandescent lamps.
  • Due to the cool operation of the lamp, this unit produces little heat, which translates into little chance of receiving a nasty burn should the operator’s skin accidentally contact the lamp housing.
  • The LED design of this unit also offers higher durability and reliability than fluorescent work lamps which rely on glass and toxic gases in their construction — Unlike fluorescent lamps, if you drop this lamp on a concrete floor, it will keep on working instead of burning out or shattering.
  • The LEDs in this lamp are rated at 50,000 hours of operation, far surpassing the operational life of both incandescent and fluorescent lamps alike.
  • Because there is no ballast in the unit, it features a lighter weight and has no inline ballast to tangle up in the cord while moving about the work space.
  • Rated for both indoor and outdoor use, the work light provides an ideal lighting solution for hazardous locations; it can be mounted entirely within the hazardous workspace for maximum convenience and effectiveness.