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Gas Source Systems with High Flow Rates

SEMI-GAS® Systems’ bulk specialty gas source systems safely deliver hazardous specialty gases from large vessels at high flow rates.

bulk specialty gas source systemsSEMI-GAS® Systems, a division of Applied Energy Systems, Inc., offers bulk specialty gas source systems to safely deliver hazardous specialty gases from large vessels at high flow rates. The systems are:

  • Designed to supply NH3, HCl, SiH4, N2O, H2 and other hazardous specialty process gases at flow rates from 100 slpm to 1,000 slpm.
  • Able to consolidate many gas cabinets into a single system for high-volume semiconductor production and high-gas-volume consuming processes, as found in LED and solar cell production applications.
  • Equipped with source vessel heating to facilitate the liquid to gas phase change and to sustain the high gas flow rates; additional heating elements within the process gas lines, prior to pressure regulation, also control the enthalpy and undesirable phase changes.
  • Able to be installed indoors or outdoors, with consideration to the local climate.
  • Safe to operate thanks to several levels of system redundancy designed into the source system to continue critical gas supply and system operation at all times, avoiding costly downtime — Bulk specialty gas source systems help increase operator safety by minimizing the frequency that the operator must change the empty gas cylinders.
  • Equipped with a PLC controller designed to monitor analog and digital process sensors, perform purging and cylinder switchover automatically and continuously monitor system conditions for alarms; including flow, pressure, exhaust and fire.
  • Made to shut down automatically in the event of an alarm trip and can be monitored and controlled via the color touch screen operator interface.
  • Available standard as an 86-inch (H) by 40-inch (W) by 23-inch (D) model, constructed of welded 11-gage steel.
  • Equipped with a self-closing and self-latching door and window with ÂĽ inch thick safety glass, a polycarbonate face shield for increased operator protection, and UL-approved fire sprinkler.

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