Improved Results for Papermakers

DeTac™ DC777E stickies-control technologyAshland Hercules Water Technologies’ new DeTac™ DC777E stickies-control technology eliminates most problems associated with using recycled material by effectively reducing the deposition potential of organic contaminants. The technology:

  • Helps papermakers reduce problems with tacky substances in the complete paper-machine loop – from pulper to reel.
  • Performs under a wide range of pH, temperature, conductivity and redox potential.
  • Is compatible with existing wet-end chemistry programs and complies with Food and Drug Administration regulations, REACH and the European BfR risk assessment standards.
  • Can be used together with Ashland’s other pitch- and stickies-control products — when used together,  the new technology enables papermakers to obtain a level of control that keeps machines running and minimizes downtime.