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A Dosing System in a Box

Spiroflow and TransPAC have developed a containerized dosing system that includes a solids additive handling system, a dosing ejector system and all controls in a container.

Spiroflow TransPACSpiroflow Systems and TransPAC have jointly developed a containerized dosing system in which the solids additive handling system, the dosing ejector system and all controls, including the safety and alarm systems, are housed in a 20-foot ISO (Intermodel) container. According to these companies, the new “Dosing System in a Box” further delivers:

  • A bulk bag unloader and flexible screw conveyor to transfer additives, such as hydrated lime or powdered activated carbon, to the TransPAC ejector.   
  • Introduction of the transfer additives into the water flow via the TransPAC ejector.
  • A significant reduction in the cost of water or waste treatment in situations in which a building would otherwise have to be erected. 
  • The flexibility and mobility, which allows transfer to any location at short notice, to deal with a seasonable or emergency situation.
  • The restricted height of an ISO container that is usually only 8 feet (H).

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