Spectrometer for Simple, High-Speed RoHS or ELV Screening

ShimazduThe new EDX-LE from Shimadzu Scientific Instruments is an energy dispersive X-ray (EDX) fluorescence spectrometer designed specifically for screening elements regulated by RoHS/ELV directives. The spectrometer offers:

  • Automated analysis functions that improve operability without sacrificing a high level of inspection reliability.
  • Detector that does not require liquid nitrogen, thereby achieving lower operational costs and easier maintenance.
  • Optimized for the RoHS/ELV screening of materials, individual parts and other samples that are substantially homogenous.
  • Suited to screening a limited range of samples for fixed control criteria.
  • The time required from start of measurement to judgment is as short as one minute for some samples, which is helpful in screening inspections for the five elements (Br, Cd, Cr, Hg and Pb) regulated by the RoHS directive.
  • Customizable easy set-up functions, threshold values can be set for each material or element, and the screening judgment also can be changed according to the input method used for threshold values.
  • The EDX-LE provides improved security for software operations: condition protection function lets users set restrictions for screening conditions and other settings, and the spectrometer features an automatic X-ray tube aging function to prevent malfunction in systems that have not been used for long periods of time.