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Complete Conductivity-Measurement System

According to Sensorex, the new TCS3020 Toroidal Sensor is ideal for cooling towers, seawater, concentrated acids and more.

5-18SensorexAccording to Sensorex, the new TCS3020 toroidal sensor is ideal for cooling towers, seawater, concentrated acids and more. When combined with the TCSMA or TCSTX toroidal transmitter, the sensor offers a dependable and user-friendly complete conductivity measurement system. More specifically:

  • The non-contacting TCS3020 toroidal inductive conductivity sensor performs from 0 to 1,000 mS, while it resists corrosion, coating and fouling. Designed for long-term deployment without maintenance, the sensor is constructed from Noryl for a wide solvent tolerance and temperature stability up to 105°C. The sensor additionally operates up to 150 PSIG, and is either submersible through 0.75-inch MNPT threads or can be installed in-line using custom flow cell model FC95C.
  • The TCSMA transmitter is not only designed for online monitoring, but also provides a 2-wire 4- to 20-mA output on the same current loop as the sensor; compensates for temperature compensation from 0 to 4 percent per degree Centigrade; and boasts a sensitivity to 0.1 percent of span, a repeatability to 0.2 percent of span, a non-linearity of 1 percent of span for a span greater than 3000 µS/cm and 2 percent of span for a span of less than 3,000 µS/cm. Moreover, the transmitter includes a durable enclosure, while featuring a variety of mounting choices for wall, pipe or DIN rail installation.
  • The menu-driven, loop-powered (16- to 35-VDC) TCSTX toroidal conductivity transmitter monitors water treatment applications and aggress process chemicals on-line. It comes with a 4- to 20-mA isolated output, a user-selectable range and configurability to multiple full-scale ranges (0 to 2,000 uS, 2.000 mS, 20.00 mS, 200.0 mS, 2,000 mS), a sensitivity of 0.05 percent of span or 0.1 uS, a repeatability of 0.3 percent of span or 0.1 uS, a dual-segmented display and 4-key menu to allow you to select ranges in the field. 

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