Titration, Density and Refractive Index Accessory

ci5-23MettlerToledoMettler Toledo’s LevelSens is a new titration, density and refractive index accessory for solution monitoring to increase security in the laboratory. According to the company, the LevelSens’s features include:

  • Easily attached to the outside of a solvent or waste bottle, the accessory allows reliable detection without coming into contact with reagents or aggressive chemicals.
  • When placed as a waste sensor, it interrupts the series and prompts the instrument to deliver a message that the waste bottle is full, consistently preventing overflow and increasing security — manual operations are interrupted immediately.
  • Can also be placed at the bottom of the bottle, interrupting the series when no liquid is detected in a titrant, solvent or auxiliary reagent bottle, preventing lost samples and wasted time. 
  • Running analyses are not interrupted: a message is displayed on the OneClick™ touchscreen that the solution needs to be replaced.
  • Simple to install and use and with plug and play, no complicated settings are necessary. 
  • Can be used with all Titration Excellence systems, the V30 and C30 Karl Fischer Compact titrators, and the LiquiPhysics Excellence density and refractive index systems.