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Track Energy Transfer in Heating & Cooling Systems

Clark Solutions' DN-EM BTU/Energy Monitor measures the thermal energy flow rate and totalized energy consumption in heating and cooling applications.


Clark DN-EM BTUClark Solutions has designed its DN-EM BTU/Energy Monitor to measure the thermal energy flow rate and totalized energy consumption in water and water/glycol-based heating and cooling applications. This economical energy flow monitor further grants:

  • The capability to calculate the energy passing through a system based on the difference in temperature between a supply and return line, and the mass volume of fluid passing through the system. 
  • The ability to account for energy usage and accurately allocate costs.
  • A pulse-generating Clark vortex flow transmitter to measure the volume of fluid. 
  • An RTD sensor that measures temperature at the meter, whereas the remote temperature is measured by a precision RTD sensor mounted in a pipe tee.
  • A scaled pulse output that can be configured to report flow rate or energy total.
  • Operational temperatures up to 185°F (85°C), as well as accommodations for 1/2 and 3/4-inch pipe.
  • Non-volatile memory that records flow and energy, and reports current values.
  • Modbus 485 communications to provide an interface with a building automation or monitoring system.
  • No need for special software to set desired communication parameters, which can be configured at the factory, from the user's Modbus Master or via stand-alone commissioning from a PC serial port.
  • Suitability for HVAC, office buildings, solar thermal heating and geothermal systems.

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