Fully Automatic Bulk Material Blending System

NBE BlendingNational Bulk Equipment presents this fully automated, self-contained bulk material mixing system to blend a combination of 5 highly caustic, free flowing powdered additives with a sluggish-flowing, high-dusting base ingredient. Details of the system include:

  • Automatic introduction of the base ingredient into the system from a single 64-cubic-foot surge hopper that feeds either of 2 horizontal screw conveyors (depending on the blend recipe and the material requirements of downstream packaging operations).
  • 5 Lift-and-Seal™ drum dumper units to input the caustic, free-flowing additives into the system.
  • An automatic centering system on each drum to ensure a precise seal of the drum to the dumper unit’s custom-designed discharge hood.
  • A hydraulic carriage — with a 750-pound capacity — to lift the drum up 14 feet to the discharge point and rotate the drum 180° for a precise, dust-free seal of the 304-2b stainless steel discharge hood to the receiving surge hopper.
  • A pneumatically actuated slide gate valve that controls material discharge from the drum into the hopper to ensure uninterrupted supply to the volumetric feeder.
  • Automated controlling of the volumetric feeder’s variable-frequency drive gearmotor and pneumatically actuated diverter valve to ensure properly blended material is supplied at the correct volume to the specified downstream packaging operation.