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TruStability® with these Pressure Sensors

Honeywell introduces a side liquid media option, allowing the use of one port with condensing humidity or non-corrosive liquid media, to its TruStability® pressure sensors.

Honeywell TruStabilityHoneywell introduces a single side liquid media option, which allows you to use 1 sensor port with condensing humidity or non-corrosive liquid media (such as de-ionized water), to its extensive line of TruStability® pressure sensors, thus eliminating the complexity and expense of having to protect the sensor from this type of media. Honeywell says that it developed this option because of the many applications in which condensing humidity conditions exist or liquid media is the desired media to be measured. According to the company, until now, TruStability® pressure sensors have been intended for use with non-corrosive, non-ionic working fluids, such as air and dry gases, but now the sensors offer:

  • Stability to help prevent drift over time, or from temperature and humidity extremes, often eliminating the need to calibrate after mounting.
  • A temperature-compensated and calibrated design for tight accuracy specifications.
  • Digital correction of sensor offset, sensitivity, temperature coefficients and non-linearity.
  • An amplified signal, typically allowing you to remove the components associated with signal conditioning from the PCB.
  • A small footprint in comparison to most silicon pressure sensors.
  • A modular and flexible profile with a wide of package styles and options.
  • Optional analog or digital outputs.