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Improved Measuring via Smart Maintenance Indicators

According to METTLER TOLEDO, its M800 multi-channel, multi-parameter transmitter offers the highest process reliability due to Intelligent Sensor Management.

The M800 from METTLER TOLEDO is a new multi-channel, multi-parameter transmitter that the company says combines the highest process reliability, due to Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) technology. Additional features include:

  • A full-color touchscreen display and simple menu structure.
  • ISM functionality that helps reduce sensor maintenance and provide diagnostic tools to increase sensor lifetime and improve the measurement system’s reliability.
  • Predictive diagnostics tools such as the Dynamic Lifetime Indicator (DLI), Adaptive Calibration Timer (ACT) and Time to Maintenance (TTM) indicator are displayed via the iMonitor feature.
  • Warnings and alarms are color-coded and shown in a distinctive and unmistakable way.
  • Due to its multi-parameter, multi-channel functionality, the same series can monitor pH/ORP, conductivity, amperometric oxygen and, depending on the type selected, optical DO, ozone and flow.