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Precipitator Control, Monitoring, Reporting & Optimization

Neundorfer's Precipitator Optimization System, Version 8.0, permits industrial plants to gain more control for their electrostatic precipitators.

The new Precipitator Optimization System, Version 8.0 (POS 8), from Neundorfer Inc. permits industrial plants to gain more control for their electrostatic precipitators and improve overall plant efficiency, while reducing operating costs, energy consumption and emissions. The company says that the POS 8 further grants:

  • An improved user interface with easier-to-use and more detailed data gathering, reporting and analysis tools for more effective and efficient system use, maximizing uptime and supporting compliance reporting.
  • A simplified icon-driven system plan view to show components within a user-selected data and graphics scheme for quick review and easy monitoring.
  • Seamless integration of components from multiple suppliers as a result of new control algorithms.
  • A multiple-user setting that allows individuals to preset preferences for the type and amount of data displayed — personnel can each create user accounts to make use of the system easier for their respective needs.
  • Pre-programmed software installation to reflect actual plant needs and physical configurations.
  • Access to maintenance and data functions within a new Utilities tab to simplify and speed troubleshooting efforts.

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