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Web-Enabled Ultrasonic Level Sensor

Automation Products Group introduces its LOE web-enabled ultrasonic level sensors as a tailored solution for monitoring liquids or solids in remote or local tanks.

Automation Products Group introduces LOE web-enabled ultrasonic level sensors. These self-contained ultrasonic sensors provide a low-cost, tailored sensing solution for monitoring liquids or solids in remote tanks, and can also be used for local tank monitoring applications.  Features include:

  • Power Over Ethernet (POE) for easy wiring.
  • AutoSense software for hassle-free operation.
  • The ability to be programmed and configured remotely without configuration software.
  • The option to upload sensor readings to a database via a standard Ethernet connection.
  • The sensor and/or the web-server can be programmed to trigger the website to send an email, text message, or both when a predetermined level or volume is reached.
  • Sensor parameters and settings can be changed at any time via the sensor’s internal web page.