Valveless Pumps Offer Drift-Free Fluid Control

Precise fluid control in pilot plants is critical in successfully staging up to full-scale production. For such an application, Fluid Metering offers its valveless pumps for metering monomers, catalysts, food additives, acids, extraction solvents, alternative fuels, water treatment chemicals, viscous fluids and slurries. Additionally, Fluid Metering’s valveless, ceramic pumps use sapphire-hard internal components for greater accuracy. Some of the pumps’ unique features also include:

  • A valveless rotating/reciprocation piston design that eliminates the need for check valves.
  • Maintenance free, drift-free fluid control that holds an accuracy of one percent or better for millions of cycles.
  • The ability to control flow rates either mechanically and/or electronically via standard industrial control protocols, and dispense amounts as low as five µL per dispensing or up to four liters/minute.