Reactor System Saves Time, Money & Space

Syrris recently launched its easy-to-use Globe jacketed chemical reactor to not only offer the ultimate in reaction flexibility, but also:

  • A spring-loaded outlet valve to eliminate the occurrence of leaks, even at temperature and pressure extremes.
  • A wide range of temperatures (-90º to 250ºC) and pressures (50 mBAR to 3 BAR) with a default temperature range of -40º to 200ºC.  
  • An oil drain unit and quick clamp to allow single-handed vessel changes in seconds, increasing efficiency and throughput.
  • An innovative stirrer seal and guide for quick and independent connection to the stirrer motor or shaft, providing a chemical-resistant, vacuum-tight seal.
  • The ability to enable vessels from 50 mL to 5 L to use a common clamp, lid, circulator and stand.
  • In-reactor temperature probes to enable highly accurate control throughout.
  • Full compatibility with almost all circulators.
  • Availability as single or vacuum jacketed for extreme temperature control and safety with a broad range of stirring options.
  • The power to easily upgrade the reactor to a fully automated system.