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More Dynamic Compact Servo Motors

B&R 8LV Series servo motors integrate all mechanical and electrical elements into an extremely compact unit.

The B&R 8LV Series servo motor has been expanded to include additional high-performance products; all mechanical and electrical elements in this series of servo motors have been integrated into an extremely compact unit. According to B&R, the 8LV Series is also equipped with:

  • The smallest possible absolute encoder system with a resolution of 262,144 steps per revolution.
  • Direct mounting of gearboxes on the motor to save weight, installation space and the amount of mass being moved, while rendering an adapter flange, clamp system and gearbox input bearing obsolete.
  • An approximately 20 percent savings in weight and installation space.
  • The creation of high-performance control loops for dynamic applications, even in tight spaces.
  • Availability of the 8GM30 economy series, 8GM40 standard gearboxes or 8GM50 reinforced gearboxes.

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