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Contact Surface Pressure Measurement

Sensor Products now offers Fuji Prescale® tactile pressure-indicating sensor film to instantly reveal surface pressure magnitude and distribution.

Sensor Products now offers Fuji Prescale® pressure film, a Mylar tactile pressure-indicating sensor film, to instantly reveal surface pressure magnitude and distribution between contacting or impacting surfaces. When placed between surfaces, it permanently changes color directly proportional to the amount of pressure applied. Features include:

  • The ability to show precisely how surfaces engage and deform under stress — pressure variations that can result in costly defects are shown by the pattern of calibrated pressure left on the film, which can be compared to a color calibration chart.
  • Pressures from 2 to 43,200 PSI (0.14 to 3,000 kg/cm2).
  • The flexibility to measure pressure at every point across a contact surface, which is ideal for calibrating equipment that depend on contact surface pressure.
  • Easy pressure adjustments — simply place the film between 2 contacting surfaces and apply pressure, then remove the film and review it.
  • A thin, flexible design that allows it to conform to both curved and straight surfaces. 
  • The power to hand or laser cut the film to fit unusual shapes and dimensions. 
  • Company-provided imaging services and pressure analysis systems that convert impressions into color-coded pressure images and graphs.

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