Calibration for Trace Oxygenates in CO2

According to KIN-TEK Laboratories, its new FlexStream™ automated gas standards generating system dynamically blends calibration standards for acetaldehyde and other oxygenate contaminants in nitrogen or food-grade carbon dioxide matrices. The FlexStream additionally boasts: 

  • Trace Source™ permeation tubes to add known concentrations of the various oxygenate species to the flow of purified food-grade CO2. 
  • Elimination of the possibility of the diluent CO2 containing unknown and variable residual contamination by the creation of standard additions of the various contaminants.  Calibrations based on the known differences in oxygenate concentration due to the additions.
  • A secondary dilution feature that makes low PPB and PPT concentrations adjustable over a 400:1 range.
  • Mixture concentrations traceable to NIST through physical standards.
  • Suitability for calibration of CO2 impurities, beverage carbonation, pharmaceutical processing and laboratory test atmospheres.