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Accurate Discharging & Metering

Spiroflow Systems recently expanded and updated its powder-handling systems to more accurately discharge and meter water and effluent treatment chemicals.

Spiroflow Systems recently expanded and updated its range of powder-handling systems, so they are ideally suited to the accurate discharging and metering of water and effluent treatment chemicals. These systems offer:

  • An even and consistent material flow.
  • The delivery of chemicals used for pH, bacteria, taste and odor control, such as hydrated
  • lime, powdered activated carbon (PAC) and soda ash in various forms.
  • The elimination of dust and environmental contamination, as well as bridging of material and consequent starvation of the conveyor leading to the slurry tank.
  • The handling and dosing of chemicals with either loss-in-weight or volumetric metering.
  • The flexibility to dose chemicals from silos, bulk bags or bags.
  • Various conveyors that may be used to achieve very accurate dosing with rates as low as 1 kg/hour. 
  • The capability to help comply with regulations covering the discharge of effluent into rivers and streams.
  • The option to fit bulk bag dischargers with massagers for poor-flowing products, such as hydrated lime.
  • Suitability for the treatment of potable water, wastewater, effluent and sewerage in both industrial and utility applications.

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