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Rapid Viscosity Measurement

RheoSense Inc.'s µVISC is capable of measuring viscocity and shear rate in three steps.

RheoSense Inc. recently released the µVISC (micro VISC), capable of completing measurements in three steps: load the sample into a disposable pipette, mount the pipette and run the test. Measurement results, including data necessary for advanced analysis, are displayed in less than a minute for most samples. Features include:

  • Viscosity (in mPa-s or cP), shear rate, and sample temperature measurement.
  • Only 100 µL needed per measurement.
  • No evaporation.
  • Accuracy exceeding one percent of full scale or two percent of reading.
  • Repeatability within one percent.
  • 1.5 lbs. and portable (powered by a rechargeable Li-ion battery).
  • Up to 20 tests logged, each with a user-definable sample ID.