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Portable Flashpoint Tester

Grabner® Instruments’ MINIFLASH Touch portable flashpoint tester has a large color screen and intuitive menu navigation that requires no training.

Grabner® Instruments’ MINIFLASH Touch is a portable flashpoint tester that features:

  • A large color screen.
  • Microsoft® Windows® software.
  • Intuitive menu navigation that requires no training.
  • Touch screen design.
  • Extended temperature range from 0 to 400°C.
  • USB, Ethernet, LAN, RS232, LIMS and PC communications.
  • Conforms to the advanced ASTM D7094 Standard, which outlines the “Standard Test Method for Flash-Point by Modified Continuously Closed Cup.”
  • Continuously closed cup design and small sample volume, which ensures maximum safety, avoids offensive fumes in the testing area and reduces sample waste.