Sensitive, Field-Reliable Photo-Ionization Detection

Detcon has improved its Model PI-700 photo-ionization gas detection sensor to better manage humidity drift and surface contamination, making it more reliable and durable in the field. The Model PI-700 is a smart sensor boasting:

  • The ability to detect and monitor a range of volatile organic compounds and toxic gases in the air.
  • A secondary filter to help minimize humidity changes and prevent heavy, complex airborne volatile organic compound molecules from contacting the sensor.  
  • The capacity to extend the time between required sensor cleanings and/or replacement with proper use of the secondary filter.
  • A sensor assembly that includes a plug-in replaceable miniature photo-ionization detector in an electro-polished 316 stainless steel vault, a fully encapsulated intelligent transmitter module and a sensor splashguard with an integral calibration port.
  • CSA-US and ATEX certification for installation and use in Division 1/Zone 1 industrial locations.