Mini-Fluidizers in Industry-Specific Colors

You now have a choice of color for the Solimar mini-fluidizer that prevents bridging, rat-holing and compacting in silos, bins, hoppers and pipes. The white silicone disc is preferred by processors handling food-grade products, whereas the blue disc is generally selected for industrial applications. The 2-inch (dia.) mini-fluidizer additionally offers:

  • Optimal aeration as a result of directional air flow along the wall of the chamber to loosen product and move it to the discharge point, as well as gentle vibration at the outer edges of the disc, which helps to keep powders and bulk solids flowing.
  • Minimal back pressure and the prevention of airline plugging because the disc seals tightly against the chamber wall.
  • The ability to be positioned in tight curvature chambers with diameters as small as 4 inches. 
  • More flexibility in pneumatic conveying options due to its compact size.
  • Silicone material (on the standard and mini disc) that does not tear or absorb moisture.
  • The power of the disc aerators to withstand temperatures up to 350°F (170°C).
  • The versatility to work with numerous stems and fittings.
  • Accommodations for use with high-pressure/low-volume compressed air or low-pressure/high-volume blower air.
  • FDA approval and compatibility with food-grade materials.