A Dandy Redesign for Lifter Line

According to Southworth Products, its redesigned Dandy Lift line of lifter/transporters now offer a higher level of convenience and comfort that makes work faster, safer and easier. These foot-pump hydraulic lifter/transporters additionally boast: 

  • A multi-grip position handle with sure-grip cushioning and gentle contours that allow users to pick the most comfortable hand position for what they are doing — pushing, pulling, maneuvering or raising loads.
  • A Qwik-Grip lowering handle with an oversized, open-triangle design that makes it accessible from almost any position.
  • A 180° access foot pedal with a large, open-loop design that allows it to be pumped from different angles, while providing solid contact regardless of footwear.
  • Hydraulics that provide height adjustments (within range) with a 20:1 mechanical advantage. 
  • Availability in 7 models with a range of capacities (330 to 1,760 pounds), lifting heights (29 to 49.8 inches) and platform sizes (17.7 by 28 inches to 23.6 by 39.4 inches).  Configurations that include single- or double-scissor, high-lift and heavy-duty. 
  • Steerable caster-type wheels with parking locks.
  • Colorful enamel-and-chrome finishes.