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Cooling Water System Measurement & Control

GE's TrueSense™ technology platform integrates online monitoring of water chemistries, personal instrumentation that cuts offline testing time and a data analysis and display capability.

GE's TrueSense™ technology platformGE recently introduced the TrueSense™ technology platform. According to the company, it integrates three new functionalities into one platform: direct online monitoring of critical water chemistries; personal instrumentation that dramatically cuts offline testing time; and a powerful data analysis and display capability that provides deep insight into system status. Key elements of the platform are:

  • TrueSense Online for Cooling, a single unified online technology that can directly measure and monitor multiple core chemistries that are applied for effective cooling water treatment such as orthophosphate for corrosion control, proprietary polymers for deposit control and the management of halogens like chlorine or bromine for microbiological control.
  • TrueSense PWA, a digital field-deployable, personal water sampling system that measures multiple critical parameters with a single 3 ml water sample, accomplishing this in minutes versus the half-hour that offline testing protocols typically require.
  • TrueSense View, a knowledge-management solution for system visualization, analysis, alarming and reporting.