Polypropylene Wafer-Style Butterfly Valves

GF Type 567GF Piping Systems has expanded its large-diameter size range for the Type 567 wafer-style polypropylene butterfly valve to include sizes 14 through 24 inches. These larger-sized valves boast:

  • A double eccentric off-center design that allows the disc to completely disengage from the disc seal, even when partially open.
  • Less friction and wear for longer service life, as well as minimized maintenance compared to non-eccentric valves due to the separation between the disc and seal.
  • The need for only about half the torque of a traditional boot design, which also reduces wear on the disc seal.
  • Bi-directional capability, as well as a hand wheel.
  • Optimal corrosion resistance.
  • Complete modularity for easy interchangeability.
  • Compatibility with smaller actuators for reduced installation cost.
  • Better protection against pressure surges.
  • Weights that are approximately 50 percent less than comparable metal butterfly valves, for simpler and faster installation.
  • Pressure ratings at 70ºF of 90 PSI for sizes14 through 16 inches, 75 PSI for 18 inches and 60 PSI for 20 through 24 inches.
  • An industry-standard ISO flange mount for easy electric or pneumatic actuation.
  • Availability with either EPDM or FPM seals, a 304 or 316 stainless steel stem, and a polypropylene body.
  • Suitability whenever large volumes of liquids need to be conveyed safely and reliably, such as in water treatment or chemical processing.