This Transmitter Is Full of Features

Yokogawa EJX910AThe EJX910A multi-variable transmitter from Yokogawa Corp. now offers several new standard features previously unavailable. These new (and old) features are composed of:

  • Volumetric flow units that include SL/h, SL/m, SL/s, Nm3/d, Sm3/d, Sm3/h, SCFD, SCFH, SCFS, MSCFD and MMSCFD.
  • Total flow reset mode that permits the user to reset the flow totalizer; assign the total flow value to PV, SV, TV or 4V outputs; and configure the simulation duration time.
  • Field-proven DPharp digital resonant pressure sensor technology for a smaller, lighter, faster, smarter and more accurate transmitter.
  • An accuracy of 0.04 percent.
  • An LCD indicator that simultaneously displays the percent of reading and pressure, plus full configurability with a variety of display modes.
  • An inherent resistance to drifting caused by over-pressure events like water hammering and high-pressure washdown.