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Gas Monitoring System Predicts Sensor Failure

Sensidyne, LP’s new SensAlarm Plus features Test-On-Demand and Predictive Sensor Failure capabilities.


Sensidyne, LP’s new SensAlarm PlusSensidyne, LP’s new SensAlarm Plus builds on the single point gas monitoring system contained in the SensAlarm model. System features include:

  • Test-On-Demand and Predictive Sensor Failure features.
  • Compatibility with oxygen, electrochemical, catalytic bead or infrared sensors.
  • Large LED display of gas value and a backlit LCD displaying system settings, data review, sensor information, and visual and audible alert annunciators.
  • Single or dual strobes.
  • Loud annuciator.
  • Battery back-up option, which provides power to the unit for up to 60 minutes in standard monitoring or 30 minutes in full-alarm mode.

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