Pumps for Chlorine Sterilization

Neptune™ Chemical Pump Co., Inc.’s PZ series pumpsNeptune™ Chemical Pump Co., Inc.’s PZ series pumps have numerous design features that make them ideal for chlorine sterilization applications. The pumps:

  • Operate with alternative power sources, making them ideal for applications in remote areas where electrical power sources are not available.
  • Operate on a manual control that produces speeds ranging from 15 to 300 strokes per minute.
  • Are equipped with an external input automatic control (PZi4 model).
  • Have a programmable control for unattended applications (PZi8 model).
  • Use a variety of liquid-end materials, including standard PVC, PVDF, stainless steel and acrylic.
  • Are equipped with a foot-valve strainer; a back-pressure check valve with quill; suction, discharge and air-release tubing; power cord with three-prong plug; and a signal cable with multi-pin connectors.