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High-Capacity Screening in a Compact Footprint

The line extension to ROTEX Global, Inc.'s MEGATEX XD TM screener provides increased capacity in a small area measuring 9' × 9' × 12'.

The line extension to ROTEX Global, Inc.'s MEGATEX XDTM screenerROTEX Global, Inc. has introduced the line extension to the MEGATEX XDTM screener, a high-capacity screening solution designed to provide greater throughput and reliability than conventional screeners in a compact footprint. The line extension provides:

  • Increased capacity in a small area measuring 9' × 9' × 12'.
  • Continuous operations at high temperatures.
  • A bigger screening surface and higher capacity per square foot of screen than machines with larger footprints.
  • Individual tray access without the need to remove all decks.
  • A Lift-Rail system with non-binding stainless steel cam activation for easy screen frame installation and removal.
  • An easily accessible external drive that allows for maximum product recoveries at material temperatures up to 400°F (205°C).
  • Accurate separation of coarse to fine particulates from 1/4" to 325 mesh (6.3 mm to 44 µm).

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