Online Corrosion Monitoring for Water & Wastewater

Pepperl CorrTran AQUAPepperl+Fuchs introduces its CorrTran® AQUA — a cost-effective corrosion-monitoring solution specifically designed to meet the needs of municipal and industrial water and wastewater treatment facilities. According to the company, the CorrTran AQUA boasts:

  • Continuous monitoring of water and wastewater processes for general and localized corrosion.
  • The ability to enable users to determine the effectiveness of corrosion inhibitors, as well as detect and correct corrosion issues through upkeep and preventive maintenance before they become a costly problem.
  • CorrTran AQUA transmitters that use new algorithms for linear polarization resistance, harmonic distortion analysis and electrochemical noise measurement for maximum corrosion-monitoring accuracy. 
  • The calculation (and availability to plant personnel) of the respective corrosion rate and pitting value in the form of a 4- to 20-mA HART signal at the completion of each measurement cycle.
  • The capability to automatically calculate and update the Stern-Geary value (B-value) due to changes in other process variables to maintain optimal accuracy. 
  • The inclusion of a complete kit, consisting of a main unit, a 100-PSI working pressure probe, a 10-foot interconnect cable, and steel or copper electrodes.