Revolutionizing Gas-Phase Filtration

Circul-Aire CleanaireAccording to the Circul-Aire® subsidiary of Dectron Intl., its Circulaire Cleanaire is the HVAC industry’s greenest, most efficient and sustainable gas-phase air filtration media for removing chemical odors and airborne gaseous contaminants. Moreover, the media is characterized by:

  • Randomly shaped, coarse-surfaced granular media resulting in a multi-faceted macro surface adsorption capacity.
  • Increased contact and adsorption with air stream gaseous contaminants, thus creating a more efficient and adsorbent process.
  • A coconut-based composition that makes it a greener gas-phase media to use with less environmental impact during disposal.
  • A dual mix of MM-1000NS and MM-9000CLT media, which is designed to remove all gaseous contaminant by-products from vehicle emissions, such as nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide and nitric oxide, as well as ozone, volatile organic compounds, plus lower molecular weight aldehydes and hydrocarbons.
  • Recirculation through gas-phase filtration — conserving energy by reduction of outdoor air intake.
  • The Tech-Chek  program to verify media for efficacy and adsorption.
  • An ideal design and formulation for outdoor air intake.
  • Operation with all new and existing models of Circul-Aire’s gas-phase filtration equipment, in addition to the flexibility to perform as a drop-in replacement that’s compatible with most competing brands.
  • Compliance with ISO-14000 requirements for a closed-loop manufacturing process without environmental impact.