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Ultra-High Efficiency Water Tube Boilers

Bryan Steam offers three new Triple-Flex™ ultra-high efficiency condensing flexible water tube boiler models.

Bryan Steam's Triple-Flex™Bryan Steam offers three new Triple-Flex™ (patent pending) ultra-high efficiency condensing flexible water tube boiler models: the TF 150, TF 200 and TF 250. In addition to model TF 300’s existing 3,000 MBH input, these models offer:

  • Inputs from 1,500 to 2,500 MBH with sub 30 PPM NOx utilizing a hybrid metal fiber burner. 
  • A guaranteed minimum thermal efficiency of 90 percent in worst case condensing boiler operating conditions, such as 160° return water, 180° supply water at 100% firing load.
  • Efficiencies up to 99 percent with lower return water temperatures, as found in new building designs.
  • Easily replaceable stainless steel flexible tubes.
  • Variable speed combustion air blower.
  • Easy to remove access panels that make the boiler interior accessible for both service and inspection.