An Energy-Saving Alternative to Centrifugal Pumps

Kadant Johnson Inc.'s Liqui-Mover ® pressure-power condensate pump line now includes skid-mounted packages that use a float-free design.

Kadant Johnson Inc.'s Liqui-Mover® pressure-power condensate pump lineKadant Johnson Inc. recently expanded its Liqui-Mover® pressure-power condensate pump line to include skid-mounted packages that use a float-free design. Liqui-Mover pumps are available as packaged or standalone units in either:

  • Float-free configurations, featuring no springs, pivot points, or floats, and capacities up to 180,000 pounds per hour.
  • Float-operated configurations, featuring non-electric self-actuating pumps and capacities up to 14,900 pounds per hour. Both versions use 150 psig ASME labeled steel tanks and are rated up to 450°F.