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Thin Film Thickness Measurements

CRAIC Technologies' 20/20 Filmâ„¢ microspectrophotometer is designed to measure the thickness of thin films rapidly and non-destructively.

CRAIC Technologies' 20/20 Filmâ„¢ microspectrophotometerCRAIC Technologies recently released the 20/20 Filmâ„¢ microspectrophotometer, designed to measure the thickness of thin films of even sub-micron sampling areas rapidly and non-destructively. Able to analyze films of many materials on both transparent and opaque substrates, the 20/20 Filmâ„¢ enables the user to determine thin film thickness on everything from semiconductors to MEMS devices to hard disk drives to flat panel displays. When combined with CRAIC Technologies proprietary contamination imaging capabilities, the 20/20 Filmâ„¢ represents a major step forward in capabilities and flexibility for the semiconductor, flat panel display and the hard disk drive markets. Other features include:

  • Sampling areas from over 100 microns across to less than a micron.
  • Easily modified processing recipes.
  • Touchscreen controls.
  • Optional ultraviolet, visible and NIR microscopy analysis.

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