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Thermally Actuated Gas Shut-Off Device

Assured Automation’s FireBag thermally actuated gas shut-off valves control the flow of natural, propane or butane gases.


Assured Automation’s FireBag thermally actuated gas shut-off valvesAssured Automation’s new FireBag is a line of thermally actuated gas shut-off valves used to control the flow of natural, propane or butane gases. Many existing emergency gas shut-off devices require manual manipulation — a poor solution in emergency fire situations. The FireBag automatically discontinues the flow of gas when the ambient temperature reaches 100° C (212° F).

The FireBag domestic product line includes:

  • G4T404 for utility-supplied gas pipes, heating systems with radiant pipes, and hot air generators.
  • G2T50 for utility-supplied gas meters.
  • G4T10 for gas boilers and wall heaters.
  • G2T40 for gas appliances such as stoves (ranges) and gas radiators.
  • G4TF for thermal stations.

The FireBag industrial product line includes:

  • G4T404 for varnishing and paint booths.
  • TASF for gas motors.
  • G4TF for commercial ovens.

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