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The Q-Tube Prevents Accidental Explosions

Q Labtech recently launched its Q-Tube™ pressure reactor that boasts a pressure release and reseal system to prevent accidental explosions due to over-pressurization.

Q Labtech Q-tube reactorAccording to Q Labtech, its recently launched Q-Tube™ is a safe pressure reactor boasting:

  • A pressure-release and reseal system that prevents accidental explosions due to over-pressurization.
  • An energy savings of 92 percent (energy reduction) and 150 gallons of water per refluxed reaction.
  • Accommodations for higher yields, cleaner products and faster reactions.
  • Increased safety when compared to microwave energy as it can cause localized overheating, which accelerates decomposition reactions.
  • A 200-PSI working pressure.
  • Higher reproducibility, in addition to higher and cleaner product yields than a microwave.
  • Purging systems that can be operated safely and accurately with a wide range of gases, including ammonia, nitrogen, argon, hydrogen, deuterium, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and more.
  • A virtually maintenance-free design.
  • Suitability for a diverse number of applications, such as organic and inorganic synthesis, catalytic hydrogenation, polymerization, high-pressure and high-temperature hydrolysis, green chemistry, acid digestion for trace metal analysis and other chemical processes.

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