Minimize Damage with an Explosion Vent

Oseco introduces its GLV-F explosion vent, which opens up and releases pressure to minimize damage should a deflagration occur.

Oseco GLV-F explosion ventOseco introduces its GLV-F explosion vent that mounts where dust builds in conveyors and grain elevators. Should a deflagration occur, the vent opens up and releases pressure to minimize damage. These vents additionally grant:

  • An optional sensor that detects when an explosion occurs, and either shuts the system down or sounds an alarm to notify personnel.
  • A built-in outlet frame and gasket to ease installation.
  • Compliance with NFPA 61 standards for the prevention of explosions in agricultural and food-processing facilities, as well as OSHA and NFPA 68 standards for venting explosions and deflagrations.

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