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Integrated Controller with Increased Load Current

Watlow®'s expanded line of EZ-ZONE® ST integrated controllers feature phase angle power switching and increased load current.

Watlow®'s expanded line of EZ-ZONE® ST integrated controllersWatlow® has expanded the EZ-ZONE® ST integrated controller family to include phase angle power switching and increased load current. The EZ-ZONE ST now features:

  • Single phase solid state relay output up from 40 to 75 amperes.
  • Phase angle power switching with soft-start to prevent high in-rush currents, load failure or blown fuses.
  • Improved thermal uniformity, temperature repeatability and the functionality of multiple components and footprints collapsed into one.
  • Less overall surface area inside the panel than an equivalent solution assembled from discrete devices.
  • A complete thermal system kit to reduce project and engineering design time.
  • An internal communications bus (standard bus), which provides a single entry point for configuration and monitoring or location to access multiple controllers on the bus.

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