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Gas Blending System

KIN-TEK’s AutoBlend™ is a computer-controlled, multi-channel gas blending system.

KIN-TEK’s AutoBlend™KIN-TEK’s AutoBlend™ is a computer-controlled, multi-channel gas blending system that supllies a continuous flow of adjustable composition test gas mixture. The system:

  • Can add multiple trace concentration components to a flowing gas stream.
  • Uses permeation tubes to add trace components to the gas mixture.
  • Can add concentrations from hundreds of parts-per-million down to low parts-per-trillion.
  • Allows component concentrations to be varied independently.
  • Features six independently-controlled permeation channels; each channel contains up to eight compounds for a total of 48 compounds.
  • Has two dynamic headspace channels that allow controlled addition of common environmental background vapors.
  • Can use dry or humidified mixtures, delivered at up to 20 psig pressure.
  • Can trace the concentration of each component to NIST through physical standards.
  • Uses a computer system to control the proportionate combination of flow from the various channels with a precisely controlled dilution flow to form the mixture.

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