Well Connected HMIs

Schneider Electric's Magelis STU human machine interfaceSchneider Electric has expanded its Magelis line to include two new series of human machine interfaces (HMIs). The Magelis STO and STU series are the newest installment of affordable small panel HMIs designed to meet the specific needs of price sensitive application builders. The Magelis STO features:

  • A 3.4” widescreen with 200 × 80 pixels resolution.
  • Serial, mini-USB and USB type A ports.
  • Low-consumption idle mode, contributing to the energy efficiency of the application.

The Magelis STU features:

  • A 3.5” full-color graphical touch screen terminal with QVGA and TFT 65,536 colors.
  • The capability to send e-mail and offer access via the Internet with embedded Web pages.
  • Serial port and Ethernet connectivity.
  • 22mm pushbutton hole mounting for fast installation.