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Boiler Thermal Imaging System

The FTI-Eb borescope from AMETEK Land uses a thermal imaging camera to accurately profile furnace temperature.

FTI-Eb Borescope from AMETEK LandWhen thermal imaging inside high-temperature, refractory-lined furnaces and boilers, plant operators often cut large openings in the refractory wall to view critical areas. This can result in significant heat loss as well as difficulty keeping the opening free from debris. Those drawbacks can be overcome with the FTI-Eb Borescope from AMETEK Land, which uses the LAND FTI-E thermal imaging camera to accurately profile furnace temperature through a small opening in the furnace wall. System features include:

  • Water-cooled camera lens, designed to withstand temperatures up to 2192°F.
  • Wide-angle image inside the vessel that maximizes temperature coverage.
  • Integrated air purge that keeps the optical system clear of debris while consuming minimal instrument air.
  • An optional auto-retraction mechanism to protect the imager should its water cooling or air purge supply fail.
  • High-speed digital connection.

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