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Precise Volumetric & Gravimetric Feeders

The programmable logic controller on Hapman's line of PosiPortion™ feeders can accommodate varying batches & multiple feeders.

Hapman's line of PosiPortion™ feeders offer a number of options specifically engineered to meet the unique demands of the chemical industry, including:

  • Hapman's programmable logic controller (PLC) is designed specifically to meet the customer's unique processes, which can include varying batches, multiple feeders and other requirements.
  • Complex processes are streamlined with pre-programmed routines, reducing operator time and risk of error in calculating batch needs.
  • Configured for volumetric or gravimetric delivery of dry bulk materials.
  • Utilizes mechanically actuated paddles to assure optimum product inflow crucial to consistent, repeatable feed screw performance.
  • Combats the formation of stable arches over the feed screw, but also prevents degradation of friable product and segregation of blended product.

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