Eliminate Compressed Air Waste

EXAIR presents its Summing digital flowmeter remote display to facilitate monitoring compressed air consumption from a convenient location. With the push of a button, the display cycles to show the current air consumption, usage for the previous 24 hours and total cumulative usage. Meanwhile, the digital flowmeter (sold separately) has a 4-digit LED display that directly indicates the SCFM of airflow through the pipe to which it is mounted. The Summing remote display shows not only flow measurement, but also the daily and cumulative usage, and is frequently used when the digital flowmeter is in an obscure or hard-to-read location. Other features include:

  • Accuracy within 5 percent of reading when air temperature is between 40° to 120°F and air pressure is between 30 to 140 PSIG.
  • No need for adjustments or calibration.
  • CE and RoHS compliance.
  • Availability of 2 models (Model 9150 to display SCFM and Model 9150-M3 for m3/hr).
  • Mounting hardware.