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Porous Metal Felt Filter Elements

Swift Filters' metal felt filter elements are equipped with thin nonwoven stainless steel filaments.

Swift Filters has announced a new series of metal felt filter elements equipped with thin nonwoven stainless steel filaments, which are ideal for high-pressure, highly corrosive, highly viscous or radioactive applications. According to the company, these elements additionally offer:

  • Flow rates of up to 20 times those of other media.
  • Random fiber filtration for absolute particle retention, longer on-stream times and high dirt-holding capacity for under 60-micron filter elements.
  • Highly porous (up to 85 percent) metal felt.
  • The capacity to withstand high temperatures, high pressures and corrosion.
  • Quality cleanability.
  • Suitability for chemical and catalyst recovery, polymer filtration, aerospace, medical and pharmaceutical, nuclear venting, food and beverage, and refinery applications.

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