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Powerless Liquid Level Sensors

Hermetic Switch, Inc.'s liquid level sensors come in “normally open” and “normally closed” designs.

Hermetic Switch, Inc., recently unveiled its new series of liquid level sensors, also known as float sensors or fluid level sensors. The PRX+1660 series can be used for level sensing or monitoring of brake fluid, contained water, dilute acid, gasoline, oil, or any number of process liquids, limited only by the series’ material of construction (polyamide or polypropylene). Other features include:

  • No electric power required to function.
  • “Normally open” and “normally closed” designs.
  • The ability to be mounted at the top or bottom of a liquid container or tank, depending on the application’s requirements.
  • Rated power of 10 watts and initial resistance of 0.30 ohms.

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