Flowmeters — Now with Ceramic Ball Bearings

COX Instruments now produces turbine flowmeters with ceramic ball bearings, which according to the company, exceed standard 440C stainless steel and journal bearings in terms of wear resistance. These flowmeters further grant:

  • Less susceptibility to fluid particulates.
  • A single-bearing, low-friction design to allow the meter to be mechanically linear over a wider flow range.
  • Helical rotors with a 2- to 3-millisecond response time.
  • A low coefficient of friction, as well as high temperaturewith limits of 425°C or 800°Fand wear resistance, especially when paired with ceramic ball bearings.
  • The flexibility to select the proper bearing material (in addition to ceramic) for both fluid lubricity and process temperature, thereby ensuring long-term reliability.
  • High linearity and repeatability.
  • Suitability for water and cryogenic applications that have little to no lubricating properties.