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Digital Thermometers for RTD Sensors

OMEGA Engineering's DTG-RTD100 Series digital thermometers' reading features include, process, minimum, maximum, alarm condition and battery status.

OMEGA Engineering's DTG-RTD100 Series digital thermometers for RTD sensors feature a large backlit display with 25mm (1”) digits that can be read as far as 10.7 m (35’) away.  Reading features include, process, min, max, alarm condition and battery status. An additional analog output signal is standard on all models.  The splash-proof, 316 Stainless Steel enclosure is designed for wash down, sanitary or marine applications. Models are available with or without integral standard or sanitary sensors. Software and a USB cable are included and allow for easy setup and calibration via your computer. The Wireless Transmitter Option sends readings to remote locations and allows for PC-based chart recording and data logging. The unit is also CE compliant.

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